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By Jeroen den Otter
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Z.S.R. Boreas website

As the chairman of the website committee, I hold responsibility for the maintenance and design of our organization's website. In the months leading up to my election, I dedicated myself to a substantial project: the creation of a brand-new website from scratch, zsrboreas.nl. This involved carefully crafting a visually appealing design while ensuring user-friendly navigation and seamless functionality. Additionally, I successfully introduced Google Workspace to provide our members with a professional and collaborative environment for their activities.

Taking our digital infrastructure to the next level, I embarked on the challenging task of migrating our website to Google Cloud, our new hosting provider. This involved meticulous planning, data transfer, and rigorous testing to ensure a smooth transition and optimized performance.

However, my responsibilities extend beyond the website itself. With a comprehensive vision for our ICT landscape, I actively engage in devising and implementing new network plans to enhance connectivity, security, and efficiency. From strategizing future-proof solutions to addressing day-to-day ICT-related issues, I tackle a wide range of technical challenges to ensure a seamless and productive digital environment for our organization, Boreas.