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Tinder in C-sharp

By Jeroen den Otter
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5 months
Scrum master & Developer
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In the 3rd semester of my studies, I participated in a project with a group of 6 people to recreate the Tinder application using MAUI and Microsoft SQL Server.

Originally, the project was intended to use the WPF framework rather than MAUI. However, as MAUI is a new framework and I was eager to learn it, I brought this up with the instructor. It turned out to be a good decision because MAUI is a framework that will be widely used in the future. It allows for the development of applications for Android, iOS, and Windows, which is a significant advantage for companies seeking to create applications for multiple platforms.

Before the semester began, I had already been teaching myself Swift, which made me familiar with developing applications for iOS. This proved to be a major advantage for the project, as I was already experienced in application development and knew how to best structure them.