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By Jeroen den Otter
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5 months
Scrum master & Developer
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In the first semester of my studies at Windesheim, I had to build a webshop. This was a great start, especially when working in groups of six, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case for me. After two weeks, we were left with only three people, and I was the only one with programming skills. As a result, all the work fell on my shoulders. Despite having to invest more hours in the project than average, we ended up with the best website in the class.

During this project, I learned about the process from ideation to the actual application, including the steps in between and how things don't always go as planned. As mentioned earlier, I had to work independently a lot, which allowed me to make significant progress in project management using Monday. This software helped me plan the project effectively, giving me an overview and enabling me to easily create the webshop on my own.

Looking back on the semester, it was a solid start. I learned a lot and now have a strong foundation to continue my studies.